Abstract photography and photographing intimate scenes are one of my favourite forms of nature photography. They are scenes that are unique to me. Often it is highly unlikely that anybody else will see these details again.

Welcome to my nature photography gallery full of intimate and abstract photographs. While the tangible focus of these images is on patterns, lines, and textures in nature, the goal of each of these photographs is to tell a unique story. What I enjoy most about abstract photography in nature is the ability to communicate an abstraction of the human experience. In this gallery, I have tried to capture some larger ideas that go beyond simply creating a visibly pleasing photo. So, I encourage you to look closely at each of these photographs to uncover the intent behind the photo. Every thumbnail is clickable and opens to a full-page view of the photo. I hope you enjoy.

An intimate landscape photograph of a leaf encased in ice

Backyard Explorer – 2020

an intimate landscape photograph of cracked white clay reflecting sunset colours

Peeled – 2020

A white tree in soft light backs vertical trees in shade in the Saskatchewan landscape.

Assembly – 2019

An intimate landscape photograph of a lone surviving tree in the middle of a burnt forest at lake Minnewanka, Alberta

Steadfast – 2020

A fall leaf encased in the ice in Saskatchewan

Evolution – 2020

An intimate landscape photograph depicting an old cottonwood with spring buds against a sand dune in the Great Sandhills of Saskatchewan

Renewal – 2020

Landscape Photography of a rock formation at Natural Bridge near Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park, British Columbia

Curvy – 2019

An abstract photograph of ice on Abraham Lake in the Canadian Rockies

Split – 2020

An intimate landscape photograph of a lone tree covered in snow in the Canadian Rockies

Resolute- 2020

An intimate landscape photograph of a leaf encased in ice during fall at Pine Cree Regional Park, Saskatchewan

Passage – 2020

Abstract photography of mud cracks in Saskatchewan reflecting twilight colours.

Puzzle – 2019

An intimate landscape photograph of the ice at Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park

Icy Breath – 2020

An abstract photo of the water on Cerulean Lake in Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

Cerulean – 2019

Fog in a Saskatchewan woodland. A group of red leaves is highlighted in the center.

Endure – 2019

An intimate landscape photograph of an aspen tree covered in snow in fall colour in Saskatchewan

Collision – 2020

An abstract photograph of aspen leaves on a fresh bed of snow in Saskatchewan

Change – 2019

Intimate landscape photography of light hitting the side of a mountain in British Columbia

Concede – 2019

An intimate landscape photo of a reflection of pine trees in Jasper National Park

Flame – 2019

An intimate landscape photograph of an old Cottonwood tree in vibrant spring colour in Wascana Trails, Saskatchewan

Seasonal Growth – 2020

An intimate landscape photograph featuring several aspen trees and fall foliage in the Qu'Apelle Valley, Saskatchewan

Collective – 2020

An intimate landscape photograph of fall foliage and aspen trees in Saskatchewan

Forest Fire – 2019

An abstract photograph of autumn leaves set in front of aspen tree trunks in White Butte Trails, Saskatchewan

Confetti – 2019

Nature Photography of an old dead tree in Saskatchewan surrounded by fall foliage

Personality – 2019

An intimate landscape photograph of Frost covering fallen leaves in the fall in White Butte Trails, Saskatchewan

Premonition – 2020

An intimate landscape photography of evening light hitting windy sand dunes at the Great Sandhills in Saskatchewan

Shaped – 2020

An abstract landscape photograph of gold aspen leaves covering the ground

Magic Carpet – 2020

An abstract or close up photograph of a pair of tiger or prairie lillies in Saskatchewan

Twins – 2018

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