Personal Favourites

A collection of my favourite nature and landscape photographs. These images range widely in composition and light but all of them, in my mind, have survived the test of time.

Every thumbnail is clickable and opens to a full page view of the photo. I hope you enjoy.

This nature photograph is of two mule deer on a Saskatchewan hillside with a thunderhead building behind from a Saskatchewan storm

The Hunter – 2019

Night Photography over the Saskatchewan prairie. A full moon sets in Venus' Belt

Reaching Out – 2019

A nature photograph taken in Jasper National Park of aspen trees in autumn colour with light hitting a lone conifer in the background. 4 deer wander through the landscape

Jailbreak – 2019

A white tree in soft light backs vertical trees in shade in the Saskatchewan landscape.

Assembly – 2019

Landscape Photography of a rock formation at Natural Bridge near Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park, British Columbia

Curvy – 2019

Fog in a Saskatchewan woodland. A group of red leaves is highlighted in the center.

Endure – 2019

Landscape and Astrophotography in Saskatchewan. The Rho Ophiuchi Complex rises above a group of trees

Distinct – 2019

Landscape Photography at Emerald Lake, BC. The light hits the peaks behind the lodge

Winters Magic – 2019

A landscape astrophotograph panorama of the night sky in Saskatchewan over a lone tree as part of a night photography workshop

Glow – 2018

Landscape Photography in Saskatchewan at White Butte Trails. A lone tree covered in frost.

Photobomb – 2018

Landscape Photograph of a beam of light invading the forest at Johnston Canyon

Dichotomy – 2019

Landscape Photography in Saskatchewan. Snow and evergreen trees with a sunset behind

Tracks – 2017

Nature Photography of an old dead tree in Saskatchewan surrounded by fall foliage

Personality – 2019

Light hits the valley floor. The eye is led by different lines in landscape of Grasslands National Park

Go to the Light – 2018

Nature Photography of a canola field in flower on one side, a green wheat field on the other lead to a Saskatchewan storm cloud

Ying and Yang – 2018

A lone tree enveloped in ice and fog in Saskatchewan

Frozen – 2017

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