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An intimate landscape photograph of an aspen tree covered in hoar frost in white butte trails in morning light in Saskatchewan

Radiant – 2020

This intimate landscape photograph was captured in White Butte Trails, Saskatchewan, after a night of freezing fog. Winter of 2020 started with a bang. For two weeks before the weekend of November 7th, weather models showed a snowstorm that would dump quantities of snow not seen in more than a decade during that weekend. There was some debate about where would be hit hardest, but as that weekend came closer, the snowfall amounts climbed and the areas hardest hit came more into focus. It looked like the Regin area would be spared the nastiest of the early winter storm.

As we awoke the morning of 9th, only several inches had covered the ground compared to two feet in the hardest hit of areas. The 9th included a few little flurries and more winter nastiness with the promise of letting up late that evening into the overnight hours. As morning dawned on the 10th, the entire area was beautifully white. Fog enveloped the Regina area overnight, covering the landscape in rime ice. This, combined with the fresh snowfall, created the most incredible winter photography conditions. I headed out into the cold to enjoy a morning of landscape photography in the local woodland. I began my cross-country hike in the quiet, cold fog. I had a spot in mind that I thought might work for a moody, frosty photo. But as I approached, the sun crested the horizon, and the fog began to burn off. The beautiful morning light began illuminating little pockets of the landscape. I raced to find an interesting composition to make use of the fleeting light and came up with one of my favourite photos of 2020.

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