Landscape astrophotography is one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, types of landscape photography. This gallery includes images that contain the most prominent feature of our galaxy, the galactic core, which is also known as the milky way. Besides that though, you will find different constellations, nebulae, and Aurora Borealis. If you enjoy time under the stars I know you will enjoy this gallery.

Welcome to my gallery full of stars and our milky way galaxy. Landscape astrophotography is an incredibly rewarding type of landscape photography. Our human eyes have a hard time seeing colour at night, but a camera has no such limitations. Astrophotography reveals the invisible, it is a marrying of the known and the unknown. While we can tangibly see the landscape, we can never see the night sky as a camera sees it. This is what draws me out under the stars. Nothing makes me feel as insignificant as astrophotography. For me, it points to something much bigger than myself. Every thumbnail is clickable and opens to a full-page view of the photo. I hope you enjoy.

An astrophoto of the conjunction of the moon, Venus, and the Pleiades over the Saskatchewan landscape

Cosmic Meeting – 2020

Dwarfed – 2021

A night photograph of Moraine Lake, Alberta in Banff National Park. the milky way reflects in the pristine blue waters

Moraine at Night – 2018

A night photograph of the constellation Orion over a few trees in Saskatchewan in the middle of winter.

Distinct – 2020

Night photography of the Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex rising over some Saskatchewan trees

Towering – 2020

The milky way core arches in a full panorama over a lone tree in Saskatchewan

Boundless – 2019

Decay of Time – 2021

Landscape astrophotography in Saskatchewan of the Orion constellation over a road

But a Vapour – 2018

The milky way over some trees in Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan

Entwine – 2020

Night Photography in Saskatchewan

Winters Dream – 2018

A 50mm landscape astrophotograph taken in Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan. Taken during a night photography workshop

Prairie Mountain – 2018

An aurora storm witnessed at Foxeleigh Church in Saskatchewan

Foxleigh – 2023

An aurora borealis explosion overhead called carona

Substorm – 2023

Aurora Borealis dancing above the Saskatchewan landscape in winter

Bifrost – 2022

Aurora Borealis over three trees in Saskatchewan

Ribbons – 2021

Astrophotography in Saskatchewan. The Cygnus region towers over a lone tree

Deserted – 2019

Landscape astrophotography in southeast Saskatchewan. The milky way behind a large tree

Power – 2018

A landscape astrophotograph panorama of the night sky in Saskatchewan over a lone tree as part of a night photography workshop

Glow – 2018

Stranger – 2018

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