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Aurora Borealis over three trees in Saskatchewan

Ribbons – 2021

November 3/4, 2021 was a night I will never forget. The forecast was for strong aurora and I had a location I had scouted a few years ago that might finally work out. As darkness descended I headed out to this spot at Wascana Trails, set up, and waited. Then I waited some more. The IMF or BZ was persistently north which was taking a big bite out of the power, Aurora Borealis was just not happening. After a couple of hours, I actually packed up and headed for home. I had high hopes for that night but aurora borealis is a finicky thing. I hiked back to my vehicle and checked again before leaving my location, the BZ was back down and strength was building again. I decided to drive slow in case, this time, the BZ stayed south. It did and strength continued to build. The aurora finally broke through in a big way. I still have a hard time describing what I saw the rest of the night. Throughout the night and into the early morning hours, the aurora intensified, moving overhead and to the south; pulsing across the entire sky. Greens, reds, and even purples could be seen to the naked eye. Not a night I will soon forget.

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