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Landscape photographers live and die with good light. It is the pursuit of light that moves us further into the landscape. But does photographing amazing light always translate to amazing photographs? Most of us know that is rarely the case. Light alone cannot carry your photograph. A good landscape photograph is made up of two halves: light and image composition. No matter what you end up photographing, how you compose your image is very important. So, understanding what image composition is, how to support your subject, and 5 approaches to use in the field, will give you the tools to create stunning landscape photos. Enroll in this 5-day course by filling out the form above.


Self-portrait of Saskatchewan based landscape and nature photographer Scott Aspinall

Hi, I’m Scott, a self-taught landscape photographer from Saskatchewan. I specialize in night and nature photography across Western Canada. Landscape photography is a way for me to connect to the land not just physically but emotionally and spiritually. For me, all of nature points to something much bigger than myself.

Whether you’re here to explore my landscape photography workshops, fine art nature photography prints, or simply appreciate landscape photography, I want you to experience nature. Whatever the reason that brought you here, I invite you to explore with me. Join my newsletter for updates on workshops, lessons, new photos, and free tutorials to help you move forward with your landscape photography. As a thank you, I’ll gift you the FREE eCourse above. Let’s journey together through the beauty of God’s creation!


Experience the essence of my photography through my collection of fine art nature photography prints. Many years in natural landscapes culminate in the carefully curated galleries below that await your exploration. Each piece is meticulously crafted and available for purchase in a range of print formats tailored to accommodate your budget.

My images have been featured in prominent magazines and journals worldwide, and dozens of my photography prints hang in Canadian Embassy Galleries around the globe. I invite you to discover what sets my work apart.

A landscape photograph of Mount Chephren in the Canadian Rockies during a winter sunrise

The Canadian Rockies

An intimate landscape photograph of illuminated golden larch trees in the fall in the Canadian Rockies

Intimate Landscape Photography Prints

Night photography of the Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex rising over some Saskatchewan trees

Night Photography Fine Art Prints

Nature photography of a Saskatchewan sunrise. A burning sky reflects on hoar frost and snow

Colourful Skies

An intimate landscape photograph of an aspen tree covered in snow in fall colour in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan Fine Art

A landscape photograph of the iconic Mt Assiniboine in Mt Assiniboine Provincial Park

New Release Prints

An intimate landscape photograph of a tree buried in snow dunes in the Canadian Rockies

Winter Photography Prints

A nature photograph of an old growth forest in British Columbia

Best Selling Fine Art Photography Prints

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