Saskatchewan is a very underrated place for landscape photography. Its penchant for dramatic skies, endless horizons, and history make it a great province for capturing fantastic images. All you need to do is a pick a road and drive, you’ll find something cool.

Having grown up in Saskatchewan, I have always been drawn to the simplicity of the Canadian prairie landscape. With endless horizons and wide-open living skies, the opportunity to explore different kinds of light is an endless pursuit. So whether it’s dramatic supercell thunderstorms, breathtaking colours in a sunset, or soft directional light on a lone tree, the options for landscape photography are limitless. I’ve spent the past few years photographing various scenes across Saskatchewan and I hope you enjoy this landscape photography gallery of scenes across this great province. Every thumbnail is clickable and opens to a full-page view of the photo. I hope you enjoy.

Nature Photography of a canola field in flower on one side, a green wheat field on the other lead to a Saskatchewan storm cloud

Ying and Yang – 2018

This nature photograph is of two mule deer on a Saskatchewan hillside with a thunderhead building behind from a Saskatchewan storm

The Hunter – 2019

A landscape photograph of a supercell thunderstorm on the Saskatchewan prairie over a gold canola field

Sculpted – 2019

A supercell thunderstorm with a tornado in Saskatchewan, Canada

Vorticity – 2022

A supercell thunderstorm turned mothership in Saskatchewan, Canada

Transient – 2022

Saskatchewan Storm over an abandoned house. A supercell thunderstorm on July 12, 2020 near Melville, Saskatchewan

Waterfront Property – 2020

A supercell thunderstorm near Central Butte, Saskatchewan

Tempest – 2021

Night Photography over the Saskatchewan prairie. A full moon sets in Venus' Belt

Reaching Out – 2019

Landscape Photography in Saskatchewan at White Butte Trails. A lone tree covered in frost.

Photobomb – 2018

Nature photography of a Saskatchewan sunrise. A burning sky reflects on hoar frost and snow

Tree on Fire – 2018

Landscape Photography of a tree on a Saskatchewan hillside with a group of wildflowers in front and a purple sunset behind.

This is Saskatchewan – 2019

An intimate landscape photograph featuring several aspen trees and fall foliage in the Qu'Apelle Valley, Saskatchewan

Reaching Out – 2019

An intimate landscape photograph of fall foliage and aspen trees in Saskatchewan

Forest Fire – 2019

Nature Photography of an old dead tree in Saskatchewan surrounded by fall foliage

Personality – 2019

An intimate landscape photograph of the badlands at The Valley Of 1000 Devils in Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan

Jurassic – 2021

Nature photography of a Saskatchewan valley full of aspen trees with fresh spring greens

Tapestry – 2019

An intimate landscape photograph of an aspen tree covered in snow in fall colour in Saskatchewan

Collision – 2020

An intimate landscape photograph of trees in the snow at Wascana Trails, Saskatchewan

Winter Wonderland – 2021

Fog in a Saskatchewan woodland. A group of red leaves is highlighted in the center.

Endure – 2019

A nature photograph of a tree covered in hoar frost in Saskatchewan

Frost Queen – 2019

An intimate landscape photograph of an aspen tree covered in hoar frost in white butte trails in morning light in Saskatchewan

Radiant – 2020

An intimate landscape photograph of frozen trees covered in hoar frost at White Butte Trails in Saskatchewan

Winter’s Radiance – 2021

A nature photograph of two trees surrounded by deep snow in Saskatchewan

Mini-me – 2018

Light hits the Saskatchewan landscape as a frozen river winds through the scene

Union – 2019

An intimate landscape photography of evening light hitting windy sand dunes at the Great Sandhills in Saskatchewan

Reaching Out – 2019

An intimate landscape photograph of a tree in Wascana Trails Saskatchewan getting hit by sunrise

Here Comes the Sun – 2020

A landscape astrophotograph panorama of the night sky in Saskatchewan over a lone tree as part of a night photography workshop

Glow – 2018

Night Photography depicting The winter milky way arch over a tree in saskatchewan

Desolate – 2021

Night and Landscape Photography of a full moon over Saskatchewan badlands near Claybank.

Moon Glow – 2019

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