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An intimate landscape photograph featuring several aspen trees and fall foliage in the Qu'Apelle Valley, Saskatchewan

Collective – 2020

This landscape photograph from Saskatchewan during the beginning of the 2020 fall season, features a nice variety of fall colours. Having been out hunting for photos a couple of times already, I was looking forward to grabbing the first photo I loved of fall. I had plans to head to Wascana Trails as colours were peaking there, but after texting a couple of friends, they informed me that they had plans to hike along an old abandoned highway that cuts through the heart of the Qu’appelle valley and invited me along. I debated which option would offer the best photo opportunity. After all, I had been looking forward to heading out to Wascana Trails during peak season for months! But, I ultimately decided that some time out in nature with friends, even if there were no photos, would be time well spent.

Upon arriving, light showers started, which didn’t help my already hesitant mood. I began to wonder what I had gotten myself into. But, my anxiety disappeared as I was pleasantly surprised by the fall beauty around me. Thankfully, the hike also afforded many incredible photo opportunities, including this one that features beautiful aspen and fall foliage in the heart of the Qu’Appelle Valley, Saskatchewan. It’s always challenging finding a clean photograph of the chaotic aspen forests in Saskatchewan. Typically the undergrowth takes over and makes many photos too busy to work. So, when we found this incredibly simple scene, I got excited. I eyed up the scene, trying to break down the composition as the light rain fell. When the showers eased slightly, I broke out the tripod and long lens and captured this fall scene.

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