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I spent many hours this fall chasing fall colours across the southern portion of Saskatchewan from east to west. This is what I found.
A thin layer of frost covers some berries and Saskatchewan grasses in fall
A stream runs through Pine Cree Regional Park, Saskatchewan that leads to a grove of trees.
A tree turned red before others in the background
An abstract photograph of all of the fall colours. Red bush in front, yellow trees are mixed in with green ones in the background. Everything is covered in snow
A night photograph of the constellation Ursa Major or the Big Dipper shines brightly over a Saskatchewan river with a tree in fall
A nature photograph of White Butte Trails, Saskatchewan
A nature photograph of a group of dark trees in the middle of a sea of golden leaves at Fairy Hill, Saskatchewan
A winter storm in a Saskatchewan woodland called White Butte Trails
A babbling stream at Pine Cree Regional Park, Saskatchewan.
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A tree turned red before others in the background
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