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An intimate landscape photograph of Natural Bridge in Yoho National Park at winter. Looking up from inside the ice cave.

Curvy – 2023

This abstract landscape photograph was captured in the Canadian Rockies during my winter photography trip in 2023. I’ve visited Natural Bridge in Yoho National Park a few times through the years and have made a few photographs of it during winter. Some years the river is frozen enough to get inside; in others, not so much. 2023 featured a bit of odd weather. Western Canada plunged into a deep freeze early on. We were looking at sub -20C temperatures consistently through the month of November and into early December. That completely flipped as Christmas and the new year approached, and things got warm and dry. Given the strange weather leading up to our trip, I wasn’t sure if this spot would be open or not. But after seeing some videos on IG, it seemed people were enjoying the cave pretty early in the year, so when Andrew suggested a quick visit, I was excited to oblige.

As I said, I’ve shot this before but look forward to trying this spot whenever I can because it’s impossible to photograph it the same way twice. The shapes and textures here are so fascinating that I find as you change as a photographer, what you enjoy about the cave changes.

If you ever visit in the winter take great care not to fall in, wear ice cleats on your feet if you go into the cave. 

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