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An intimate landscape of an aspen grove covered in rime ice in Saskatchewan.

Icing Sugar – 2023

Several years ago, Saskatchewan experienced several days of freezing fog in a row that covered the landscape with a few inches of rime ice. At the time, things were busy, and I didn’t take advantage of the conditions as much as I should have. Since then, I resolved that if something like that happened again, I would drop everything and enjoy the conditions as much as possible. 

In January of 2023, these conditions finally reappeared. Most of the province was blanketed with freezing fog for nearly two weeks. Some days it was lighter than others, but the freezing fog added rime ice to the landscape each day. After a few outings to capture the phenomenon at Wascana Trails and White Butte Trails, I spent some time simply driving through the countryside near my home. There are many stands of aspen forest around, and because there’s nothing around them, they are generally very exposed to the elements. So when we get freezing fog, these trees tend to get coated in rime ice much heavier than the trees further in a forest. I knew of this little stand of aspen as I had tried to photograph it with rime ice before, but I thought I should drive by and see if conditions were better than then. I’m glad I did as it resulted in one of my favourite photographs of 2023. 

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