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A landscape photograph of moonset over the Three Sisters near Canmore Alberta in the Canadian Rockies.

Faith, Hope, and Charity – 2023

While my moon composition that included Tangle Ridge was my priority this year, there was a second moon composition that included Canmore’s famous Three Sisters: Faith, Hope, and Charity. During my winter migration to the Canadian Rockies last year, we explored a small creek with a good view of the Three Sisters. As I was looking at the moon’s position in January, I saw that there would be potential to photograph the moonset right above the Three Sisters simultaneously with morning’s first light. These opportunities don’t happen all of the time, and because we had already explored the area, I knew that the foreground would look great with some direct moonlight on it.

We planned our trip so our first morning would take place in this location, and were pretty excited when we walked out of the door to our Airbnb to the site of the moon shining brightly through some high cloud. It took a long time to get the composition right in the dark, but as I balanced precariously on a sheet of ice, the moon set into this position as the pre-dawn glow touched the mountain peaks behind.

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