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A supercell thunderstorm in Manitoba

Transitory – 2023

The 2023 storm season was one the slowest in recent Saskatchewan history. Our storm season gets going very late in May but doesn’t get very good until late June/early July. So, when Regina put the first tornado of 2023 on the board at the end of May, I was excited for what had to be a very good season. How could it not be starting like that?!

There were a few decent chases in early June, but, as usual, most of the early setups don’t lend themselves well to tornadoes and supercells. But, between the early tornado and the busy multi-cell storm activity in early June, I couldn’t wait for peak season. Peak season came and went without a single memorable chase until the last half of July. My expectations were low for the setup that produced this storm, but I was also desperate to make something happen this year, so I made the trek to western Manitoba. It was nice to see a storm finally produce some good structure, even if it didn’t last very long. 2023 will go down in my books as the worst chase season I’ve experienced and one of only a few years in history when Saskatchewan recorded only one tornado all year.

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