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A landscape photograph of a supercell thunderstorm on the Saskatchewan prairie over a gold canola field

Sculpted – 2019 

Summer on the Saskatchewan prairie means thunderstorms. It isn’t uncommon to see a supercell just like this one roll up to your front door. It was a strange summer for me this year though. I was in the middle of my “Land of the Living Skies” timelapse so I was out chasing weather any chance I got but had yet to get in front of anything crazy big. That all changed with chicken pot pie.

One evening, my family invited another couple over for dinner. I joked that that would be the evening that a supercell would float right over our house. My wife made her amazing chicken pot pie that evening and wouldn’t you know it, the biggest supercell to come within two hours of my house knocked on my front door that night. 

Interestingly enough, two weeks later I had another couple of friends over for supper and my wife made, you guessed it, chicken pot pie! Not ready to be defeated twice in two weeks I took my two friends out for the first storm chase of their life. This is the monster that we ran down. This landscape photograph is a 5 panel panorama covering virtually 180 degrees. Make sure you click the image and zoom in to see the tiny farmhouses for scale.