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An intimate landscape photograph of frozen trees covered in hoar frost at White Butte Trails in Saskatchewan

Winter’s Radiance – 2021

2021/2022 Saskatchewan winter was one marked by wind and snow. Often stormy, there were few opportunities to get out and capture meaningful photographs. One of those opportunities was in the middle of December.

The evening before, I checked the weather for the next day and noticed that conditions were right for some great fog to develop locally that night into the morning hours. When I woke early that next morning, thick fog enveloped the landscape, leaving a heavy layer of ice and frost on everything. As I often do, I took the opportunity to head out to White Butte Trails, a local hiking and cross-country skiing area, to explore.

I knew the area I wanted to check out, but because most of the trails are closed to hiking in the winter (to allow for cross-country skiing), I knew it would take some time to find my spot. After spending too long bushwacking to this area, the fog had all but lifted, and my spirits were pretty low – I wasn’t going to get what I came for. Before giving up on the morning, I decided to explore the area anyways. As I was doing so, the sun began working away at the remaining fog and by the time I got to the top of the hill I was working toward the morning sun was bathing the frozen landscape in gorgeous golden light. I pulled out my camera and began exploring some scenes with the telephoto lens and ended up really loving the contrast of colour in this scene.

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