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An intimate landscape photograph of trees in the snow at Wascana Trails, Saskatchewan

Winter Wonderland – 2021

It was March 7th, 2021 and the forecast was for snow – lots of it. For nearly three weeks in February, the temperature had dipped to -40 Celcius or colder with the windchill so there were no photographs to be made. Near the end of February, the polar vortex returned north, and we enjoyed warmer than normal temperatures. Unfortunately, this meant the snow was quickly disappearing. So when I checked the weather models on March 7th and the forecast was for 10 cm of snow on the 9th, I moved around my schedule to have a free day of shooting.

The snow was supposed to start overnight, so when I woke to a brown landscape on the 9th I was disappointed. I checked the radar and noticed that the weather system was a little further west than was predicted. I saw that Wascana Trails was right on the border of the snowstorm so, on a hunch that things might work out, I took off to explore for the day. As I approached the park, the snow increased, and by the time I arrived, there was already a few centimetres on the ground.

After exploring for a few hours, I started hiking back to the car and home. As I went up the final hill to the parking lot, this scene called out to me. It was so clean with the fresh snow, and I chose a fast shutter speed to freeze the snowfall. After a few exposures, I snapped this one with the snowflakes in the perfect position.

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