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This nature photograph is of two mule deer on a Saskatchewan hillside with a thunderhead building behind from a Saskatchewan storm

The Hunter – 2019

This is a nature photograph taken in south/central Saskatchewan in the middle of July during the peak of Saskatchewan’s storm season. I spent a few days exploring this area the summer before and really got to know it. It is an area with a unique geology and I was looking forward to getting out there again once again in 2019. 

I waited for conditions to line up for what could be a really nice sunset shoot, jumped in the car and drove the hour and a half to get to my spot. By the time I parked I realized I had made a grave mistake: I forgot the mosquito spray. Within 5 minutes of starting my hike in, word that fresh meat had entered the market spread and I was mobbed by thousands of mosquitoes. It was so bad that twice I actually turned back to head for the car and the safety of home. 

However, I ended up deciding that I would invest in antihistamine stocks the next morning. Once I settled in my mind that I was there for the long haul, I determined the best place to be would be on top of a clay outcropping (I felt the mosquito population would be less). By the time I crested the second to last ridge before arriving at my sanctuary, I was in a foul mood. Nothing was going to bring my camera out of my bag. I picked my head up going down the hill and my jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing as this scene unfolded before my eyes. Two mule deer stood perfectly silhouetted with a developing thunderhead behind. 

I threw down my bag praying that the deer would stay (they had already spotted me). I quickly grabbed my camera and threw on my telephoto lens and started shooting as fast as I could. This scene lasted mere seconds but it felt like time slowed down. It was just God, me, these deer, and the mosquitoes. It wasn’t until after the deer bounded away that I checked the file on the back of the camera and saw that everything was properly exposed and that the deer were in focus. I have never whooped or hollered like that before for a photograph and doubt I ever will again. 

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