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A supercell thunderstorm near Central Butte, Saskatchewan

Tempest – 2021

July 7th has been a good day for supercell thunderstorms on the Canadian prairies. 2021 was no different. The day before, Matt Mario and I did some forecasting and decided our target would be the Herbert, Sk. area. As we drove out early in the afternoon on the 7th, we saw storms initiating much further west along the Alberta/Saskatchewan border. As we were deciding if we wanted to drive the extra couple of hours to meet what could be a dying storm at that time, a small cell popped up in our target area. As we time-lapsed the growing rain shaft, we were still unsure of where to go. We decided to follow our guts and started chasing the storm we were on. As we chased the cell east along the south shore of Lake Diefenbaker, another storm cell initiated, moving south. At Central Butte, both storm cells merged and headed for Caronport, Sk. At that moment, the storm received a tornado warning (you can see the funnel trying to make it to the ground in the photo) as I was capturing this photo.

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