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A supercell thunderstorm turned mothership in Saskatchewan, Canada

Transient – 2022

July 17th was the highlight of the Saskatchewan storm season. The moisture nose was pushing the edge of Lake Diefenbaker, which made Herry and I’s target pretty clear. As the day progressed, though, the cumulus field was lacking. There was very little happening where we had targeted. We decided to trust our gut and began to head towards Outlook, Sk. As we watched, the smallest cumulus field developed that I’ve ever seen. There were only two tiny updrafts in the sky trying to go up – two clouds in the sky. One was dying quickly, and the other seemed to be doing okay but was struggling a bit to get across the lake. 

Again, we trusted our gut and decided to try and get into a better position on the only cloud in the sky. As we got out and began to timelapse, the storm began to strengthen intensely by the second. It went from struggling updraft to the best storm structure I’ve seen in my life in only 30 minutes. It was the storm of the year.

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