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An intimate landscape photograph of an aspen forest during a Saskatchewan blizzard

Company – 2020

This intimate landscape photograph was captured in White Butte Trails, Saskatchewan. In December 2020, I was wandering around in an old fashioned blizzard, freezing my face, fingers, and toes. I had ventured out to capture some of the magic that the blowing snow created on the landscape. As I wandered through familiar territory, these four aspens stood out from the forest behind. I stopped to take a look but, as I had to turn and face the wind, the snow slapped me in the face, and I quickly abandoned that idea and searched for something that wouldn’t hurt so much. I did come across another scene that afternoon that was a bit more sheltered. But, no matter how many angles I tried, this scene was stuck in my mind.

So I decided I needed to plow my way back through knee-deep snow with the wind in my face to capture it so I could move on to other photos. I spent a few minutes eyeing up my composition before setting up as I knew the snow would quickly cover my lens. Once I framed this scene in my mind, I set up and tried many different shutter speeds and variations to try and freeze the snow in the best way. After a couple of dozen photos, I wrapped up the shoot and moved on to a different location. A couple of weeks later, I went to process the photo. After flipping through the set, I ended up stacking a couple of the images with the best snow movement together to try and convey to the viewer what it felt like to be there.

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