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Aurora Borealis dancing above the Saskatchewan landscape in winter

Bifrost – 2022

Spring of 2022 brought a few great aurora storms, but none matched what occurred on March 30th. I had noticed that there was potential for great aurora that evening, but as the afternoon passed into evening, the numbers just weren’t thrilling. I prepared for a normal evening at home, almost forgetting about the potential for that night. Almost. My phone alerted me to KP4 conditions, then it was KP5. I checked the data, the numbers were too good to sit at home. I quickly packed my stuff and raced out to this spot about 20 minutes from home. As I was driving, I could visibly see aurora dancing overhead. What I didn’t notice until I got out was all of the red in the sky. It’s fairly uncommon to see in a photograph and even more uncommon to see it with the naked eye. This was a special experience that didn’t disappoint.

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