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A nature photograph of an old growth forest in British Columbia

Enchanted – 2019

This nature photograph was taken in a grove of old-growth forest along the Giant Cedars Boardwalk near Revelstoke, British Columbia.

Three years ago, my young family and I went on a little adventurer, driving from the middle of the Canadian prairie to the west coast. Along the way, we stopped to camp for a couple of days near Revelstoke, British Columbia. After spending a day hiking around some of the highest peaks in the area, we were looking for an easier, less stressful day for the kids the next day. While exploring on Google, I came across this little grove of old-growth forest nestled between a couple of towering mountain ranges. As the focus of this trip was family, we didn’t spend a lot of time in the grove looking for photographs. But I did manage to scout out a couple of compositions that seemed intriguing, taking some poor photographs in the process.

Since then, I had hoped to get back there to try and pull out something for my portfolio. However, other priorities took precedence, and I found it impossible to get back there. Then, during August of 2019, we were returning home from a long road trip to Whistler and back. As happens with young children, legs and tempers were getting restless. It just so happened that we were only an hour away from this incredible spot. So, stopping, we grabbed a bite to eat and wandered around this short hike. This time though, I was prepared. So as we entered the forest, I was reminded immediately of a composition I loved two years prior. Having found it, I set up and snapped this photograph.

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