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An intimate landscape photograph of a tree buried in snow dunes in the Canadian Rockies

Persevere – 2022

For several years, I’ve been after a photo like this one. SureĀ  I have captured images of trees buried in the snow before, but I’ve never found that scene with any sense of scale. My other versions of this scene could have been trees in several feet of snow or simple sticks poking out of a few inches of snow.

I’ve always been on the lookout for a spot that could convey the scale but knew that that would be most likely in higher elevations. So when we hiked to this spot and had enjoyed the sunset, we settled in for twilight. I had already packed up, but Eric and Andrew were photographing a twilight scene across the valley, and while I waited, I noticed this tree barely coming out of the snow. I pulled out my gear and captured this scene in perfect blue-hour light that, hopefully, conveys the sense of scale.

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