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A landscape photograph of Mt Assiniboine Provincial Park from the Niblet

Immersed – 2022

The location I was most interested in capturing during our fall trip to Mt Assiniboine Provincial Park was the Niblet & Nublet. After a short climb, you’re rewarded with one of the best views in the Canadian Rockies. Grand mountain peaks, scenic lakes, and golden larch are a visual feast. In the past, many landscape photographers have taken photos from these viewpoints, myself included, and will do so again in the future. So, even though capturing this scene again isn’t the most creative endeavour, the journey and the experience of photographing in this location are well worth it.

Our group hiked up to these viewpoints twice in the two days we were there. On the first evening, we braved strong winds and sideways rain in the hope that evening light might break through – it never did. On our second night, things were different. The sun was shining, and, while cold, conditions were quite pleasant. My friend Matthew and I extended the hike to see if the views would open up the higher we got, but we found that our favourite view for a photograph was actually lower down. So, we went back down to meet with Bryce again and spent some time scouting for a sunset composition.

If you’ve never arrived at a beautiful location like this one with time to sit and quietly take in the changing, soft evening light moving across the grand landscape, you’re missing out on an experience that’s difficult to put words to. In many ways pressing the shutter button in moments like this is an afterthought; you’re so captivated by what’s in front of you. After returning home, I was surprised at how few exposures I had taken as the light changed. Thankfully, I did take enough to present this scene to you and, hopefully, give you a sense of what that experience felt like.

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