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A landscape photograph of Mount Chester in the Canadian Rockies during a winter sunset

Redemption – 2022

I have visited this location in the Canadian Rockies three times. While I’ve had a photo of this impressive mountain on my website before, I’ve never really done the place justice. I’ve always felt, like a lot of places in the Canadian Rockies, that this location would look best in the winter season. I had plans to go last year, but it requires several kilometres of snowshoeing and, on the evening we would have hiked in, the temperatures were hovering around -30 Celsius. We felt the risk of possibly getting stuck out in conditions like that, far from the safety of a vehicle, was not worth the reward of a simple photograph, so we abandoned the idea.

This year, things were different. This hike was a high priority, and the best conditions were forecasted for our last evening there. Sunrise had flopped, so we were really looking forward to redemption later that day. I’ve- never hiked such a breathtaking trail before – trees were covered with heavy snow and, often, the views would open up to incredible snow-covered peaks all around. It felt like a winter wonderland out of a movie. It took a lot more energy to get to the destination than I imagined. But the hike was so enjoyable that the many breathers along the way were enjoyed.

As we climbed above the treeline, the views opened up, and we stared in awe of the beauty of that place. After some exploration, I set up this shot and waited for the evening sun to light up this gorgeous mountain peak. As it did, I felt a bit of redemption after the failed attempts of the past.

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