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An intimate landscape photograph of a backlit tree during spring at Wascana Trails in Saskatchewan

Beacon – 2022

Spring moves fast in Saskatchewan, but it is arguably the most anticipated season of the year. Each year I try to get out to capture those vibrant greens, but each year I miss more opportunities than I get. This past spring (2022), I managed to get out once earlier in the season and captured a few average-looking photos. I made it a goal to get out several days later when colours and new growth were at their peak.

Unfortunately, the days came and went and, busy with other things, I never did get out to a couple of the areas I had in mind while spring was at its best. After the summer look began to hit the local woodland, characterized by darker greens and way too much growth for anything really engaging, I had a free evening and decided to just go for a hike. Because I tend to lose interest in this type of photography in summer, I didn’t put any pressure on myself to produce a photograph but, as is standard, my camera came along just in case.

I’m glad it did. As soon as I pulled into the parking lot for Wascana Trails, I knew I would be in for a treat. For some reason, the valley was behind everywhere else and spring was just getting started. I spent the evening hiking through some gorgeous spring greens in the beautiful evening light and ultimately captured my favourite spring image to date.

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