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An intimate landscape photograph of a leaf encased in ice during fall at Pine Cree Regional Park, Saskatchewan

Passage – 2020

In the middle of October, I took a day trip with a fellow Canadian landscape photographer to a unique nature area in Saskatchewan that will remain nameless. We don’t have much for running water (think creeks, rivers, etc.) that cuts through natural areas with forest in our province. But, I had hopes of finding a scene like this as the fall season was passing quickly into winter. I wandered the shoreline of Wascana Trails with no luck at the beginning of October and began to doubt I’d ever find a photograph like this anywhere in Saskatchewan.

After a snowstorm late in the fall ripped through this area 4 hours away, I had a hunch that conditions would be fantastic. As I watched the radar the evening before, I made plans with a friend to meet up at this spot, hoping for the best. Even though I didn’t expect the water to be open, I thought there would be lots of great opportunities for photos. It turned out that the conditions were indeed incredible. Nearly 6 inches of snow clung to the landscape, and the water I assumed would be frozen and covered in snow was still open and even had the beginning of ice forming along the edges. As I wandered along the creek edge, I kept my eyes peeled for any leaves encased in the ice, finding a few but never the perfect scene. It wasn’t until it was nearly time to take the 4-hour drive home that I came across this small scene.

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