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An intimate landscape photograph of Frost covering fallen leaves in the fall in White Butte Trails, Saskatchewan

Premonition – 2020

This intimate landscape photograph was taken in White Butte Trails, Saskatchewan near the end of the 2020 fall season. If you’ve read the story for Magic Carpet, you’ll know that this fall had almost zero dynamic weather. No major frost, fog, rain, or snow to change up conditions. So on one mid-October morning, when the overnight temperatures dipped to a chilly -6 Celcius, I was excited to wake up to frost carpeting the ground. 

Upon arriving at White Butte Trails, I had no expectations of what I wanted to shoot. I looked for areas where the frost was more prevalent and tried to come up with a composition of some of the grasses, leaves, and berries along the side of the trail. This proved more challenging than I anticipated as the frost was concentrated on the ground cover. I adjusted my expectations and began to hunt for photos that included that ground cover. As I did that, small scenes like this one became more and more evident until this little section of fallen leaves came into view.

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