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An intimate landscape photograph of the melting Saskatchewan Glacier in Jasper National Park

Metamorphose – 2022

Each year our family does a summer camping in the Canadian Rockies. As our children age, the hikes we can attempt get more challenging, and the visual payoffs increase. Gone are the days of staying below the tree line and enjoying a scenic waterfall. Now we can comfortably hike above the tree line and enjoy some of the best views in the Rockies.

This year, we spent a few days camping along the Icefields Parkway, and one of the hikes we did was to Parker Ridge. The ridge itself is largely uninspiring but the views it provides of the Saskatchewan Glacier and the surrounding valley are stunning. After a decent uphill hike, the kids were ready for a break and a quick bite to eat. I took the opportunity to move a little bit further down the trail to a spot where views of the river system fed by the melting Saskatchewan Glacier opened up. As I enjoyed this scene, the broken cloud cover began to throw dappled light through the entire valley below, creating the perfect conditions for this photograph.

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