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An intimate landscape photograph of illuminated golden larch trees in the fall in the Canadian Rockies

The Hero – 2022

While there were some specific hikes we wanted to accomplish during our visit to Mt Assiniboine Provincial Park, the real reason I wanted to visit in the fall was to chase some golden larch trees. I had heard that Mt Assiniboine Provincial Park had some great larch forests, and my expectations were nowhere near reality. Having hiked into all of the popular tourist larch hikes in the Alberta Rockies, I can definitively say that nothing compares to Wonder Pass in peak fall. The larch forest goes on for miles with barely a green pine in sight. On days when the sun is shining, it’s hard to imagine anything more beautiful than a backlit larch forest.

On our first morning there, the sun came out after the rain cleared out overnight. After our sunrise shoot, we decided to go for a hike around Lake Magog and scout for compositions. However, I was distracted by the dappled light hitting the larch forest across the lake (Wonder Pass), and instead pulled my telephoto lens out and began to capture several different scenes, this one being my favourite of the morning.

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