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An intimate landscape photograph of a leaf frozen in blue ice in Saskatchewan

Evolution – 2020

It was Saturday night. As is my habit, before turning in for the night, I checked the weather forecast for the next day. While humidity was relatively high, I doubted that we would see much in terms of fog as temperatures remained near zero. So, I turned my alarm off and settled into bed for a Sunday sleep-in. The kids woke first the following day around 8:00 AM. I rolled over and tried to tune out their cheerful noise but to no avail. I was awake and should get on with what I needed to accomplish that day. After chatting with my children about their nights, I wandered into the kitchen, put some toast into the toaster, ground my coffee, and started the french press process. While I waited for my coffee to steep, I took a look out of my back window. My gaze wandered to the garden I had flooded the day before, turning into a skating rink. From a distance, I noticed that the ice had a lot of different textures going, wondering if anything was interesting enough to drag the camera out.

I finished my breakfast and coffee, sending the kids outside to play. Getting my winter coat and gloves on, I set out on my arduous hike. As I got closer to the ice, I noticed that there were a lot of interesting shapes, bubbles, and textures littered all over. The ice piqued my curiosity as I explored the surface with my excitement growing as I spotted these two little leaves that somehow had found their way onto my new skating rink. I couldn’t believe my dumb luck as I grabbed a photo of this scene in my own backyard.

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