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An intimate landscape photograph of reflected light on ripples of water at Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park

Phantasmagoria – 2022

Landscape photography usually takes a backseat during our summer family camping trips to the Rockies. I don’t plan specific photography outings, race out to a sunset location, or get up early for sunrise. These trips are about being in the moment and enjoying beautiful places with my family. That said, the camera is always with me to either document the trip or create when something piques my interest.

This past summer, our trip started simultaneously with a weather shift. The day before we arrived, temperatures were nearing 30 C in the mountain parks (uncomfortable hiking and camping weather). However, on our first day, a low-pressure system moved in, bringing a seismic shift in the weather for the rest of our trip (so much so that we actually got snowed on while on one of our hikes above the treeline). The weather was absolutely wild.

On our final day, the sun finally came out and we decided to go for a drive and hang out at Maligne Lake for sunset. While we skipped rocks and enjoyed the warm evening light, I set up my camera with the intention of capturing the grand landscape in the best light, but instead was captivated by the reflections of the mountains and sky in the blue lake water. Nature photographers are a weird bunch.

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