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An intimate landscape photograph of White Butte Trails in Saskatchewan covered in rime ice.

Delicate – 2022

This intimate landscape photograph was captured at White Butte Trails at the beginning of winter in 2022. The first morning I woke up to freezing fog has to be one of the highlights of my winters. The normally harsh, cold landscape gets transformed into something truly magical. As is customary, I spend most of these mornings in a woodland very close to me, White Butte Trails. I’ve photographed here countless times and have explored nearly every inch of this park. I’ve begun to wonder whether I can actually find something new and noteworthy here.

In the middle of November, freezing fog enveloped the cold landscape. Because of an early snowstorm, the landscape was covered in deep snow, and the cross-country ski trails were open at White Butte Trails (which eliminates most of the easy hiking in the park). I packed my snowshoes to go off-trail and headed out to explore. There’s a little hill in the center of a large clearing that I had targeted to try and get a look around. As I climbed to the top of this hill, this scene unfolded in front of me. I’ve been on this hill many times before and have never once photographed this scene. As the photographer changes, so does the way they interpret the landscape. One cannot visit a specific landscape ‘too much’.

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