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An abstract photograph of dried, cracked clay in Saskatchewan

Tiger Scales – 2021

It was the Perseid meteor shower, the sky was clear(ish), and I had a friend meeting up to photograph it together to keep me accountable to go. We met early in the evening and headed out to one of my favourite landscapes near Regina for astrophotography and sunset photography. The end of summer doesn’t inspire me from a photography standpoint, so I was mostly out to enjoy the landscape and wait for the light show later that night. 

I have a weakness for dried, cracked clay, though. No sooner had I hiked into the area I wanted to photograph that night than I found this diverse clay. I framed up this composition and waited for the sunset light to hit this scene in just the right way. When photographing dried mud, I always like to have my camera set up so that the warm hues from the setting sun warm up one side and the cool hues opposite the sun provide that colour dichotomy that makes these images work so well in my mind.

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