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An intimate landscape photograph of a leaf encased in ice

Backyard Explorer – 2020

Life in the spring of 2020 took a different pace. Covid-19 was classified as a pandemic and everything, including landscape photography, was put on hold. One morning, as I made my coffee, I looked out the dining room window and noticed the puddle my kids splashed around in the day previous was frozen over. I couldn’t tell from where I stood, but it looked like it might have some interesting textures in it. Having been unable to get anywhere with my camera for several days, I decided to wander out into my backyard to see what was what.

I’m happy I did. As I drew nearer, I could see that the puddle had frozen over in a very interesting way. It had gotten cold fairly quickly overnight, which seemed to have created some interesting textures. The wind from the day before had also blown some of the old autumn leaves into the puddle. These had become encased in the ice as it froze overnight. I spent some time coming up with the framing for this photograph before my kids ventured out and began to play and destroy this fragile scene. Which, interestingly enough, was a scene I had looked for but never found after exploring for almost a year in the “wild”.

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