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Queen – 2022

Along the highway that takes you into the heart of Kananaskis Country, there is an aspen forest. I’ve stopped to get a photograph in the past, and it was then I noticed that there was this aspen with quite a bit of character that stood out from the background. At the time, I couldn’t get the right light to make the photograph I wanted – the light was too harsh. I did notice, however, that around mid-morning, the sun peaked out over the mountain beside, illuminating this tree before any of the background trees. If we could get there at the right time, the resulting photograph could be compelling.

During our last full day there, we had photographed sunrise close-by and, after packing up, decided to give this spot a visit on what was a cloudy, windy morning. The light was perfect for what I wanted to accomplish with this spot. The funny thing was, both Eric and Andrew spotted this same tree on their own and captured their unique versions of this scene. Apparently, it’s just one of those trees.

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