Advanced Photoshop Blending/Composite Creation Tutorial

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This is a more advanced Lightroom and Photoshop tutorial. In it I cover basic Lightroom and more advanced Photoshop techniques needed to blend multiple exposures or multiple images. Importing, developing, and exporting in Lightroom. Understand how to blend sky and foreground elements in Photoshop and match tones and colour seamlessly. Learn how to use the curves tool, levels, and masking to make your landscapes pop in a natural way. My goal is to teach you my personal workflow and techniques for creative composites as well as exposure blending so once you have completed this tutorial, you will begin to master the editing process for seamlessly blending multiple photos in Photoshop and make your images stand-out. If you are new to Lightroom and Photoshop then I would recommend starting with my intro Lightroom and Photoshop tutorial. You will receive the RAW files to practice. What you will learn:


– My Lightroom workflow for all of my exposure blending. Learn how to turn a twilight photo into something that matches what you would see at night.

– Learn how to edit in Lightroom to prep your images for Photoshop blending.

– How to export your photo for your final medium and how to move your photo over to Photoshop without losing important colour data.


– Learn different ways to blend images. Use channels, color range, and built-in photoshop functions to blend multiple exposures seamlessly.

– Learn how to match tones and color between two different exposures.

– Learn the Orton effect and how to bring back textures after applying it.

– Use luminosity masking (basic).

– Learn how to create a sky reflection in water from scratch and blur it for a realistic look.

– Star size reduction.

– Much more!

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