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A stream runs through Pine Cree Regional Park, Saskatchewan that leads to a grove of trees.

X-Marks the Spot – 2018

In early October I was in Western Saskatchewan. The weather was brutal. I drove through an early winter storm for a few hours before finally finishing my business out in that area. On the way back home I decided to detour about an hour to check out a Saskatchewan Regional Park that I had heard a lot about and try to get some nice fall colour photos there. I was ill-prepared for the road conditions that met me. Instead of adding an hour to my drive home I added almost three by taking my detour to this park! What I wasn’t prepared for were the conditions that awaited me in the park. 

Saskatchewan Regional Parks close for camping in the end of September forcing hikers to walk in from the roads (with permission of course!). By the time I got to the park I could barely contain my excitement. There were no tracks whatsoever in any of the fresh snow and I had the entire park to myself. After hiking in, exploring the park for a few hours, and snapping a few photos, I set this photo up. Waiting for the snow to start up again, I snapped a separate exposure to freeze the snow movement and then another exposure to blur the water movement. I combined these to create this final image. I hope you enjoy this nature photograph of Saskatchewan.

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