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Landscape Photography at Emerald Lake, BC. The light hits the peaks behind the lodge

Winter’s Magic – 2019

This landscape photograph was taken at Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park, British Columbia. Some of you may recognize this location as one of the iconic locations in the Canadian Rockies. I planned a solo trip out to the Banff National Park and Yoho National Park in January of 2019 and came home with quite a few photos that I was happy with. This one was one that I had not planed on taking. 

Being a location that had been photographed to death (especially during twilight in the winter) I didn’t relish the prospect of going out to this location to photograph what had already been done before. Weather is what ultimately changed my mind. A few forecast models I checked the night before confirmed that this might be the only place within a two hour drive that could potentially get some morning light. With snowfall warnings scattered around the park I migrated there around 7AM local time and waited for the snow to let-up.

An hour or so later the snow stopped and the clouds started to break. It seemed that snowy conditions had scared away everybody else as I got this iconic place entirely to myself while the light started to break. I was incredibly thankful to be standing there while the light broke through and illuminated my scene and the peaks behind. 

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