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A landscape photograph taken during sunrise at Wedge Pond in the Canadian Rockies

Wedge Pond – 2020

This landscape photograph was captured in Kananaskis Country at Wedge Pond during the peak of the fall season in the Canadian Rockies. In 2019 a friend and I decided we would like to accomplish our first back-country camping trip together into Tonquin Valley. What resulted was mud-filled boots, a wet tent, tired legs, but happy faces and lots of adventure. It wasn’t long before we were planning our next adventure in 2020. We decided early on that we wouldn’t attempt another back-country camping trip but instead, camp front-country, attempting day hikes during the day instead.

After hiking Larch Valley and Sentinel Pass on our first day, we sat around a roaring campfire that evening, discussing the itinerary for the following day. With smoke still obscuring the mountains, I debated whether a sunrise shoot would be worthwhile. The smoke would almost certainly block any potential light on the mountains and leave a landscape photographer empty-handed. But, we didn’t drive to the Canadian Rockies to sleep in our tent. So, I checked a couple of apps that had a forecast for the smoke during the following day. One indicated that the smoke would clear overnight, while the other was certain it would clear around noon the next day. Historically, I’ve found that the latter app was more accurate, but I planned our location as if there was no smoke and only clouds to worry about. But, I wasn’t expecting much the following morning.

Upon waking, I was shocked to see that 99% of the smoke had cleared overnight. It was a miracle. My friend and I raced to Wedge Pond to catch the sunrise where I captured this perfect reflection of glorious morning light on Mount Kidd.

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