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Saskatchewan Storm over an abandoned house. A supercell thunderstorm on July 12, 2020 near Melville, Saskatchewan

Waterfront Property – 2020

Storm season in Saskatchewan is always quite spectacular, that’s a given. We get some of the best supercell thunderstorms in the world. The question, however, revolves around where and when. After some fun (and not so fun) storm chases on July 4th and July 7th, the next big day the models predicted was July 12th with the prime area looking like storms would fire late afternoon about an hour south of home. So that afternoon, I monitored satellite and radar, waiting for something to show up. It was just a big, wide-open sky, clear of any cumulus clouds. As I was about to give up hope, I noticed some cumulus clouds beginning to tower right over my house and made the determination then and there that this was it. I took off chasing this little band of towering cumulus northeast. It was half an hour before it even showed up on the radar, but by then, an updraft base was forming, and I had a hunch that things were going to work in my favour. As a storm timelapse photographer, I enjoy storms like this one. It was only moving at about 60 km/h, which made it easy to stay 5-10 minutes in front of and grab 3-400 shot sequences at each stop. In the end, this storm was responsible for 15 timelapse sequences, which equates to 153.2 GB of data. Here is one photograph as the storm approached this abandoned house on a hill. I wasn’t in a good position for a timelapse but when you’re able to grab a photograph of one of these massive structures with a foreground that people can relate to that gives the storm a sense of scale, you do it

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