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An intimate landscape of Vermilion Peak in Kootenay National Park shrouded by light and cloud in the winter

Vermilion – 2023

If there was one thing Andrew Morse and I didn’t see during our winter photography trip to the Canadian Rockies, it was blue skies. We had a lot of cloud cover and not a little bit of inclement weather. This led to some frustrating sunrise/sunset shoots when the light got snuffed out before impacting the scene. The benefit of all this cloud cover is that the light can be incredible all day, and the low cloud can create dramatic conditions around mountain peaks.

No day was this more evident than on our last day. After a great morning shoot at Castle Mountain, we drove into Kootenay National Park to see if we could capture some of these conditions. As we got further in, the conditions kept improving until we got closer to Vermilion Peak, and this was going on. We could barely contain ourselves and desperately searched for a safe spot to pull over. I always enjoy capturing these intimate landscapes in the Canadian Rockies.

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