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Light hits the Saskatchewan landscape as a frozen river winds through the scene

Union – 2019

This intimate nature photograph was taken near Crooked Lake, Saskatchewan. I had recently purchased my first telephoto lens. Having used only wide-angle lenses for my entire photography life, the experience of being able to photograph light at almost a micro-level fascinated me. So, after work took me to Melville, Saskatchewan, I decided I needed to explore part of the Qu’appelle Valley nearby, hoping to try out the new lens for night photography with clear skies predicted. After some scouting on Google Earth, I found this location that lined up perfectly with a nice sky object.

One problem, I never brought my star tracker so telephoto star stuff wasn’t in the cards for me. Normally, I’m one to stay in bed if clear skies are in the cards for the morning, but with the new lens, I thought it might be a good opportunity to photograph the morning light as it moved across the valley floor. So, I got up nice and early, grabbed a gross Tim Hortons breakfast sandwich (that I ended up losing between my seat and console), and drove to the location I had scouted the previous evening. It wasn’t until I drove down the road into the valley that I saw the fog. At first, it was so far away, I had no idea what it was. I was going the opposite way anyways so it made no difference to me. As I parked and began to hike up to the top of the ridge, I noticed the bank of fog moving right towards me. I got to my spot as fast as my out of shape body would allow and set up this composition as the morning’s first light hit the valley of the floor and fog behind.

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