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Landscape Photography of dramatic sunset light hitting mountain peaks in the Canadian Rockies in Jasper National Park, Alberta

Unfold – 2019

This landscape photograph of the Canadian Rockies was taken in Jasper National Park during my 2019 family camping trip. We were on the road to Whistler and decided to camp out in Jasper National Park for a couple of days. The weather did not cooperate while we were there to say the least. It rained the entire first day we were there without letting up. I began to lose hope of ever seeing (let along getting a photograph) the epic mountain peaks of the park. 

Finally, later that evening, the rain clouds began to break up. I couldn’t believe my good fortune, just in time for the sun to set behind the mountains. I grabbed my gear and headed for this lookout, knowing that the sun would hit this range with the last light of the day. I set up my Tamron 70-200 and started photographing just as the sun illuminated the scene in front of me.