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A landscape photograph of Abraham Lake at sunset with a lenticular cloud over Mount Michener and frozen methane bubbles

Twin Swirl – 2023

When most people think of winter in the Canadian Rockies, Abraham Lake comes to mind. Over the years, I’ve met people from around the globe who make the pilgrimage to see its famous methane bubbles. Having made a few photographs here over the years, it wasn’t a high priority for me, but it was on Andrew Morse’s list. The forecast during our trip never lined up a good opportunity for us until our last day there. We debated driving up for sunrise but ultimately decided against it, opting for what turned out to be a flop at Castle Mountain instead. After sunrise, we saw on Instagram that the sunrise colour that morning at Abraham Lake was beautiful, and we felt a little disappointed with the decision.

Thankfully, the rest of the day more than made up for our miss that morning. From mid-morning on, the light was mind-blowing. Before we even arrived at Abraham Lake later that evening, I had already shot two portfolio images. As we approached Abraham Lake, our jaws hit the floor as we saw the lake sporting some lenticular cloud wannabes over Mount Michener. Thankfully we had done some scouting a few days before, so it was only a matter of running down to our spots where we both got to enjoy the incredible light and cloud structure over the lake.

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