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Nature photography of a Saskatchewan sunrise. A burning sky reflects on hoar frost and snow

Tree on Fire – 2018

This landscape photograph was taken in Saskatchewan after 3 straight days of freezing fog at the end of November 2018. The result of this fog was an incredible layer of frost on the landscape. It bent trees and snapped power lines, causing the largest power outage in Saskatchewan’s history. Needless to say, I spend those days accumulating as many photos as I possibly could.

Even though the fog was thick and heavy most of the time, it did lift long enough to give us two separate incredible sunrises. So, on the last night the fog was forecasted to stick around, I set my alarm with eager anticipation for the morning. Upon waking, I quickly confirmed the cloud forecast that I studied the night before. Everything was set up for what could be an incredible morning so I grabbed my gear, setting out to explore a local nature area. Upon arriving, and after a short hike in, I quickly realized that where I was wasn’t going to give me the best experience. Having already spent quite a while exploring, I was running out of time. I made up my mind to get back to the car and go as fast as I could to a lonely tree I knew was close by, not having a clue how it looked with the frost on it.

Upon arriving, I was very excited to see the landscape in front of me, the frost weighed on the tree, almost breaking limbs! Looking to the east I noticed that the first bit of colour was lighting up the underside of the cloud. So, I ran into this field, set up my shot as quickly as possible and fired off three exposures before the colour left the sky. This photo is available as a luxury fine art print, please use the button below to begin theĀ  order process.