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A landscape photograph of a mountain bathed in sunset light in the Canadian Rockies

Trajectory – 2021

There were two locations Bryce Mironuck and I wanted to ensure we visited before taking our 2021 landscape photography trip to the Canadian Rockies, and this wasn’t one of them. After a beautiful sunrise at Mount Kidd, we ventured up the AB 742 to one of those locations to do some scouting. As we scouted the area, I noticed this extremely photogenic mountain near the location we wanted to shoot but wasn’t sure if the creek would be open enough to offer a good view of this mountain. After a bit of scouting on Google Earth later that night, it appeared that the creek opened up a bit further down the road, but I doubted that the water was still running with all of the snow cover in the area.

One evening, we decided to visit our previously scouted location for sunset with Gina Yeo and arrive with plenty of time to do some additional scouting. As we loaded up our packs and strapped on our snowshoes, we commented on this mountain, wondering aloud if the water was open. Gina shared that was, so we made the last-minute call to snowshoe into this area and hunt for a composition.

This photo proved more challenging to photograph than expected. As glorious as the mountain looks, it was quite far in the distance so it took up very little real-estate with a wide-angle lens. Instead of giving up hope, I swapped out my wide-angle lens for my Tamron 70-200 and hiked back a few meters to set up this composition which makes this mountain appear just as impressive as it was in person.

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