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Landscape Photography in Saskatchewan. Snow and evergreen trees with a sunset behind

Tracks – 2016

There are two photos in my mind that I can look at and know that that was when I knew landscape photography was something I wanted to try. This is one. My why at the time wasn’t the same as it is now, I was more into taking a pretty photo. I chased every sunset to try and make pretty pictures, I would try for a good 5-10 photos every time I went out to make sure I had fodder for my Instagram feed. I was of course, at the time, the most talented and underrated landscaper photographer of my time (so I thought anyway haha! I am of course very below average). All that said, I remember this moment vividly still. I remembered seeing something that, for some unknown reason, just worked in my mind. The conditions, of course, were beyond breathtaking and I can, to this day, remember the emotion of this moment. It was one of a few times back then that I lingered on a scene without rushing off to find the “next pretty shot”.

I am still very critical of this photo, there are a lot of things I would do different today when setting up this photo. But every time I go back to it causes me to remember the experience. The wonder of something much bigger than myself or my vain aspirations. It reminds me why I continue to pursue this thing called landscape photography. This is why, although technically and compositionally unsound, it remains one of my favourite photos.

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