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A landscape photograph of the Three Sisters near Canmore, Alberta at sunset

Three Sisters – 2022

I’ve photographed the Three Sisters in Canmore, Alberta, many times. Policeman’s Creek is as popular a spot as there is in the Canadian Rockies. So why are there no photos of this iconic mountain in your portfolio, Scott? Simple, I’ve never been a big fan of the composition from that spot. I’ve never felt good about the balance and visual flow from that spot. After trying to one-up myself for conditions over a two-year period, I gave up on the photo. The problem wasn’t epic conditions; I just never loved the composition from there.

Then one glorious October day in 2020, Colin Muir posted an incredible photo of the Three Sisters from this spot. I was shocked, having no idea there was a spot where one could achieve a balanced photograph of these iconic peaks. I’m not a fan of giving away locations because I find a lot of personal fulfillment from the process of trying to find them myself. It’s more rewarding, for me, to hunt for a location on my own than be given it by someone else. I’ve always felt that the resulting photograph would be less mine. So, as much as it hurt at the time, I kept my desire to find this spot to myself and scoured the area on Google Earth, trying to find where this scene might be possible.

I never found it. I thought I did once, but when I went looking in 2021, the spot I pegged wasn’t accessible. So, before this trip, I came up with another probable option using Google Earth. This time I wanted to ensure I was right, so I sent the location to my friend Gina Yeo who had also photographed this creek. She confirmed I had finally found it, and I added the spot to my ‘must-shoot’ list for this year. Thankfully, the evening we arrived, the small creek was still open, and there were some incredible ice structures to photograph along the edge to add the winter magic to this scene.

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