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Landscape Photography of a tree on a Saskatchewan hillside with a group of wildflowers in front and a purple sunset behind.

This is Saskatchewan – 2019

I took this landscape photograph one year ago in 2018. I took it during a day of exploring a really unique Saskatchewan landscape. When I came across this scene a year ago my jaw dropped. I had not seen anything like it and had no idea that something like this was even in Saskatchewan. I quickly photographed what was my favourite image in 2018. 

Unfortunately, that version did not stand the test of time. There was two reasons for that. One, I was just learning about focus stacking and didn’t capture the scene properly. Second, the sky was blue with no clouds. I wanted an epic photograph that played well on social media so I swapped the sky for something more dramatic. The problem was, the light on the landscape was much harsher than the light in the sky. 

So I determined to revisit this scene once again this year, this time by using different photography planning tools to predict when conditions would be exactly how I wanted them. This photo is the result of that planning and a gallon of mosquito repellant.

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